Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So this year has been pretty good. I got through it in one piece. I survived. And what kept me going was EFY this summer. And Miss Taylor Swift and her inspirational song writing skills.

This year could have gone a bunch of different ways but I kept on the strait and narrow with all my might. I remembered who I was. Mostly because my spanish teach is half of a Mormon. I just wish drama could die. But if there was no drama, girls would be boring. And guys don't like boring girls. Really. This year was pretty good. I wanted more excitement but I think I ended up with a perfect amount of fun. Prom, Spring Break, New Friends!

Summer here I come. Camp, EFY, Utah, Idaho, cousins, Grad parties, endless shopping, and endless tanning.

school has ended
it's time to celebrate
fitting in with the summer fun
let the warm sand warm our very hearts
let the heat of summer carry us

let it help us progress
through the year we gained knowledge
let us use it
we can dream big goals
we can dream anything
let's learn to play the roles
roles that define us
our souls
finding our inner beauty can teach us
teach us to live to our fullest
let's be fearless

©Alyssa Ruiz

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